The SNP Conundrum

With the Tories pushing for Labour to refuse to deal with the Nationalists, is it really their decision whether or not to have dealings with the SNP?

Labour are promising to safeguard the country’s best interests, though if History has taught us anything, it should be that, even when they have the power to do this, they fail, anyone that remembers 1979, will know, Labour had 44 seats and did nothing to prevent the Tories from running roughshod, even in 1987, when Labour increased their seats to 50, they still failed, so, with the Tories pushing for Labour to not have any dealings with the SNP, surely the Nationalists should step in and state that they would not want to go into Coalition with the Labour party.

Why, I hear you ask, simple, if the Nationalists did go into a partnership with Labour, then they would not be able to get any influence or hold over their own issues, the better plan would be to run with Labour only on a case by case basis, for the greater good of the country that they look after, for if they went into coalition then they would probably have to disregard some of their more pressing matters and issues, the whole thought of a Labour-SNP coalition is that Labour is the larger party, the established party, no one considers that, if the analysis and surveys are to be believed, the Nationalists would be the ones that decide whether or not to join the Labour party in a partnership.

In the end it would be unfeasible for the Nationalists to enter into a coalition, they should stand alone, fight and protect the country that they govern and only look after the interests of Scotland.

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