The Territory Tango

As we approach yet another election, there has to be a point when we ask, are the established parties really ready for this, really, with the Labour party continually denying any official or serious coalition with the Nationalists, the Tories chasing Labour’s tail and the Lib Dems hanging around in the shadows, trying desperately to avoid any sort of comeuppance for their apparent lack of foresight, are they actually ready for this election?

If you look at the way that the experts are predicting this, you would immediately answer no and, to be honest, there are clues to suggest that you may be right, though, if we look back over the past few elections, especially 2010, then you can see that the democratic actions have apparently caught out the establishment time and again, Gordon Brown’s actions in the last election, when he spoke out against an innocent woman, which caused a furore and almost certainly handed the election to his rivals.

Thatcher’s words, during her last term as Prime Minister, when she spoke of her wish to go on, maybe wasn’t the best thing that she could have done, for the British public were starting to tire of her politics and the way that she treated the country, though in the last election, even Thatcher would’ve been disturbed to see her beloved party go cap in hand to the Lib Dems, though they never let on that they needed Nick Clegg’s party, it was only thanks to certain coincidences that the Tories ended up with the Liberal Democrats, Clegg ending as Deputy Prime Minister was a moment that no one could’ve foreseen but it happened and now, despite his best hopes, even the most optimistic of Liberals must be expecting a thrashing in the coming election.

David Cameron has stated recently that he will not stand for a third term, I severely doubt that the electorate will stand for this, especially seeing as he has already lined up his successors, who are in cabinet positions now, is he trying to hide the fact that he is copying Tony Blair or does he enjoy the idea of stealing ideas from the Labour Party, this election will decide whether or not his plan will be carried out, if not then he will be sent off to the wilderness with the hopes he had dying in his heart, violins please, let’s wait and see.

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