To Aide the Bear, the Eagle Dares

America is fast approaching January, that may seem like a weird statement but, considering that in that month, only a few weeks away, the reign of America’s first Black president comes to an end, with the immediate installation of a golden-wigged worrier of sanity, for recently the fight to stop him reaching the White House has involved rumour and hearsay about Russian involvement.

This is the latest in a growing line of attempts to halt Trump’s Inauguration, Russia is accused of fixing the odds in Donald Trump’s favour, though this has received immediate dismissal from the man at the centre of this, his reasoning is a bit like standing in front of a bull with a red leather suit on, its going to cause a lot more trouble than necessary, basically, though he hasn’t said it in so many words, Trump has called the Intelligence Agencies of America, from the CIA to the FBI and all between idiots, seriously, he is claiming that the CIA, who recently launched an investigation into the involvement, if any, of the Russians, in the US Presidential Elections, which the CIA believes there is evidence of, while Trump’s Transition group deny any thought of such an idea.

A Former Head of CIA reacts to Trump’s Denial

Denying the fact doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, Trump’s transition team have questioned, as amazing as this may sound, the credibility of the CIA, I mean seriously, you’re questioning the standards of an organisation that has been around for longer than even Trump has, the idea that you can simply ignore the combined focus and research of the CIA, to simply dismiss it like a small fly buzzing around your head, that’s rather galling.

Of course, there is some support for this, apparently, the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange has also denied that the hacked emails, at the centre of this whole issue, even originated, never mind been created by, Russia.

In as many words, this whole situation is just becoming rather depressing, I mean its bad enough that we’re going to have probably the least qualified, least diplomatic and least merciful President ever, never mind this or that side of the 21st Century.

The mere thought that this is going to happen in January is, for a lot of people, depressing and distressing, then of course, there is the thought that the next best candidate was a former First Lady, who is probably a little bit better liked by the general populace, beyond that you now have the idea of a wall (fences in some places) being built between the USA and Mexico, the swift deportation of illegal immigrants, (criminals first apparently, despite the fact that if you’re there illegally, you are in fact breaking the law, therefore you become a criminal), then you see that any of those who were dismissed by previous administrations, those that are outspoken, outdated or outcast are actually being brought into Trump’s Administration.

Lest not forget, it is Christmas at the end of the month, so I am rather hoping that the Nuclear fallout can be left until April, as for the first few months of the New Year, I would like to enjoy some form of peace and joy, so, if the coming Apocalypse can be held off for a bit, that’d be wonderful.

Beyond America’s oncoming freight train of Nuclear Death and Destruction, there is the ongoing idea that ‘Brexit means Brexit’, DEAR GOD, sorry, I’m just sick to the back teeth of hearing this phrase, there is such thing as BREXIT, it is a madeup, non-existent GODFORSAKEN WORD!!!!

Enough with the spin, enough with the bull, enough with the slamming together of two words to form a nonsensical word, I am so tired of this shit you wouldn’t believe it, Brexit shall we change the word, Brexit means British Exit, yes, its the two words car crash that I mentioned before, so, from now on, it means British slowly reversing out of the driveway but realising the weather is starting to turn and besides there is plenty to do at home so we can hold off on this journey for as long as possible Exit!

Yes, I’m that angry, its time for the Political Classes to understand that they can’t fob us off with anymore of this idiotic nonsense, its like their a lazy teacher and we’re their pupils, they think we’re either less educated, less intelligent or less mature than we actually are and, for the most part, we think they are droves of hot-air spewing morons.

So, from me to you, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and to all those reading a Happy, Prosperous and Wondrous New Year.

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