Goodwill To All and to all a Good Night

Friends, Christmas is upon us, the timing of this blog may be a slight snippet on the early side to say this but with other things to deal with at this time, I feel that this will be the last blog of 2016, so I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and the best of fortunes in 2017, though, just because I can’t leave it without getting into something, let us take a look ahead at 2017 shall we?

In January next year, Donald Trump will be sworn in as America’s newest President, already he is causing some consternation with his choices but on this day, the Inauguration, I think the world will realise that this wasn’t a cheese based nightmare but rather the cold hard reality of the fact that a multi-billionaire, who is seemingly unable to cut ties to his empire during his Presidency, handing control to his eldest sons apparently, Trump will be a rather intriguing watch for those of us who don’t like reality TV, ironic that idea isn’t it seeing as Reality TV made him a well-known name in the 21st Century.

Moving on from the Inauguration, over here, in the divided United Kingdom, Brexit continues to be the top issue, despite the fact that the health service is flailing in the water, there are families just about managing, which has brought about a new political jargon JAM, Just About Managing, there are those of us who are just starting out in life and require some form of help or foundation to kick off from, though that’s all trifling apparently, as the UK government continues to drone on about Brexit, do they even understand that BREXIT IS A MADE UP WORD, its a car crash of two words to form a stupid and before the campaign even started, unknown, non existent term.

The best problem about Brexit is that there is now a rumour going around suggesting that the Government, who are supposed to make decisions on our behalf, don’t know how they will go about Brexit, how long it will take and how it will be either Soft or Hard, what the hell is it, a removal from the European Union or toilet tissue, though right now you could just about wipe your bum with the result, the amount of time it is taking for the UK Government to even make a decision that doesn’t involve the sentence ‘Brexit means Brexit’, has anyone noticed that that sentence, seeing as the term Brexit is made up, that statement means absolutely Scottish Football Association, Sweet F All.

Next to deal with next year, well that would be the follow on elections in France and Germany, where the right wing seems to be on the rise in both cases, the inspiration for this apparent emergence, Nigel Farage’s work in both the Brexit Campaign and his time spent in America as Trump’s lapdog, he believes that the date of the result for the EU Referendum should be known as an Independence Day, ha, that’s not what independence is Nigel, ask the Americans, ask the Argentinians, ask the Canadians, ask the Mexicans (though your buddy Trump might not like that), you could have asked us about our Independence Day if it wasn’t for the fact that for the only time in history ‘without a drop of blood being spilt’ we would have had Independence but for the machinations of Whitehall and the VOW, which wasn’t worth the toilet paper it was written on.

Besides the French and German Elections, the Brexit situation here and the US Presidential Inauguration, there is little going on in the world, bar the ongoing crises in Syria, Southern Europe (mainly the Mediterranean Countries) and certain African nations, you know, the stuff we have turned a blind eye to, why, because we can, the media in our nations can choose to promote or ignore the situations, like the three I mentioned in favour for reminding us how fortunate we are, how much mess is here at home and how chaotic the Political system is, basically I am reminded of V for Vendetta and the Propaganda spouting news network that is seen in that franchise.

So, my friends, with all of this said, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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