New Year Old Problems

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends, hope that 2017 will be a far better and more optimistic year than 2016 turned out to be, though having said that, we kick off the New Year with the Inauguration of Donald Trump, so, either this is a sign of how things will go this year or things will get better from this point on, who knows.

What I do know is that it is getting a little bit depressing hearing what the President Elect thinks of his critics via Twitter, there can be no question that he is media savvy, despite the fact he doesn’t like most of the media, he has, despite this, stuck closely to Social Media, using Twitter to lambast, critique and downright slam others, so far he has attacked Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meryl Streep, one for being an apparently poor replacement in the USA Apprentice show and the other for using her Acceptance Speech at the Emmys to fight back against the bile that had been created in the past few months, Trump called Meryl Streep ‘one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood’, yet it has been discovered that Trump had lauded her a few years before.

His tweet, for that is how Trump chooses to attack and react to people now, read that not only was Ms Streep an overrated actress but also that she was a ‘Hilary flunky who lost big’, he then went on to deny that he had mocked the disabled reporter stating that he ‘simply showed him groveling when he totally changed a 16 year old story that he had written in order to make me look bad.’ he then ended the tweet by declaring that this was proof of ‘Just more very dishonest media’.

What is it with Trump, does he have the memory of a goldfish, he attacks then it is found that he had either complimented or supported those he attacked in the past, weird right, its like he has no recall ability and takes on anything, he would probably argue with himself if he thought that his own reflection was being critical of him.

There is one thing that made me splutter about this though, Kelly Ann Conway (Trump’s Advisor), her reaction was to be ‘concerned’ about Meryl Streep’s words, that the actress had not used the opportunity to speak out about an incident in Chicago that was broadcast live on Facebook, the torture of a disabled boy by several figures, though to be fair, apparently screaming anti-Trump expletives and forcing the victim’s head into toilet water.

Ms Conway went on to decree that she would like to hear from Ms Streep, to see if she would like to continue to fight for the defence of the disabled, missing the point, she then moved on by stating that her boss was obviously correct in his tweet by referencing 2014, a year, then said that the election was over, Meryl Streep lost and that her audience during the Emmys was of a mind to denounce Trump and that there was no indication about how she felt about the fact that, despite the apparent loss Meryl Streep suffered (having not even run for office?), Ms Conway wondered if it would have been a better opportunity for Ms Streep to state that although she didn’t like the result, Trump is going to be President and that Ms Streep was going to support him.

Ms Conway then continued by stating that ‘this is Hollywood, this is self pity, a lot more self awareness would do them some charm’, Ms Conway continued by stating that ‘talking about how vilified Hollywood is in their gazillion dollar accounts’ making a joke about asking to borrow a couple of these accounts for the Inauguration Ceremony.

Ms Conway works for Trump, she is not impartial, she is probably being paid quite well to continually see the wood for the sawmill, she has since stated that people should look at Donald Trump’s heart and not ‘what’s coming out of his mouth’, her new job, when Trump is sworn in will be Counselor to the President, cushy, protect him and you are well-rewarded.

In a different interview about the ‘mocking’ that Trump was filmed doing, Ms Conway questioned why the interviewer, a Mr Chris Cuomo, wouldn’t give Trump the benefit of the doubt, there is video evidence of Trump’s actions, there is no denying that he is not talking normally, why did he feel the need to state the words he did while acting the way he did, if he had not done this then maybe, Ms Conway, there wouldn’t be as much of a furore over it, but because he did, the idea that Trump deserves the benefit of the doubt is as unlikely as Scotland winning the World Cup.

The actual quote for the above issue, during the interview between Ms Conway and CNN’s Chris Cuomo is in This Link.

So, it seems that if the next few years can be judged on the previous year and the run up to the Inauguration, then its going to be a bumpy ride for the Americans, while we, in the rest of the world will continue to either avoid the idea of thinking about President Trump or just scratch our heads at the thought that a multi billionaire tycoon has become President and, despite promises of making America great again he has filled his cabinet with his buddies, hired his Son in law and Ms Conway to vital posts and has apparently stated that his two sons will take on the business empire he runs while he is away in Washington, interesting, here’s to the next few years then, they promise to be interesting at least.

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