Another Electrifying Election

Hello friends, the world has gone to some sort of Groundhog Day phase, for in the third or fourth time in four years, we, the Constituents, electorate and citizens of this fine country of ours, will be given another election from Mrs ‘There Won’t be a General Election’ May, our apparently strong Prime Minister took to the podium outside No10 and declared…..a General Election……woohooo!

Would you like to guess how many times Mrs May denied that she would call a General Election, 7….7 times and here is a recap of all 7.

30th June 2016: Mrs May denies a General Election will be happening, stating that it will next happen in 2020, 4 years from this date.

3rd September: This time she is interviewed by Andrew Marr and he asks ‘No ifs no buts, no snap elections, no changing the law, under you is that absolutely certain?’ Mrs May: ‘I’m NOT going to be calling a snap election’; funny that, one word short of what she recently decreed.

4th October 2016: Another interview where she is asked that she has ‘very clearly’ ruled out a snap election, once again Mrs May denies that this will be altered in anyway.

1st October: Labour apparently put itself into an election footing, whatever that means and Theresa May once again denies that an election will be occurring until 2020, this phrase, this idea, will be repeated again….

7th March 2017: Lord Hague, a former Conservative leader, comes forward and states that there should be an ‘early poll’, Theresa May doesn’t deny this time, a source at No10 does, ‘We have been clear that there isn’t going to be an early general election’.

19th March 2017: This is it, the last time, amazingly it isn’t even a straight denial, Theresa May rubbishes growing speculation on an early General Election as ‘Nonsense’, not the same as straight up denying or rejecting the idea, as she had done in 2016, then, only a handful of weeks later….

18th April 2017: Barely, just barely a month later, Theresa May faces the cameras outside No10 and declares that, after chairing a meeting with the cabinet, that there will be a general election, though one of her lines catches this whole situation perfectly….”I have only recently and reluctantly come to this conclusion,”….you don’t say.

Here’s the thing, although this is an ‘astonishing’ U-turn from a leader who repeatedly stated that there wouldn’t be a General Election until the year 2020, I am more intrigued by what could happen, because if we look at the parties in Westminster as they stand, Labour have lost a lot of ground, the Lib Dems were almost wiped out and the Nationalists, who are disregarded for being focused solely on Independence, have to make themselves appealing on more than the Referendum front.

From a Scottish point of view, there are only a couple of seats that aren’t held by the SNP, one in Edinburgh, another in Orkney and the last in  Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, these are the only three, as it stands, that aren’t held by the SNP, though saying that, even a few of the seats taken in the last general election 2….TWO YEARS AGO….could possibly swing to another party but that is yet to be seen, some analysts are already stating that the SNP may lose more than they will gain, they are foreseeing a downfall for the largest party in Scotland.

Labour lost 48 seats last time around, not so much of a kick in the teeth for the party, the majority of these losses came in Scotland where the party, bar one seat in Edinburgh, were all but wiped out, they were once the strong party of the Central Belt, growing up, I remember being told by people that the towns in the central belt were Labour strongholds, though now, it would seem that the strength now belongs to the Nationalists, from a UK perspective, Jeremy Corbyn will have to present some form of difference between his party and the Tories, especially on the matter which may prove to be a deciding factor in the entire campaign….BREXIT!

From a Liberal Democrat point of view, they were 49 seats lighter after the 2015 election, though the remaining few, a measly 8, one of those being the sole Lib Dem seat in Scotland, held by the former Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael, the same number of constituencies/seats that the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party came away with, means that they will be focused more likely on rebuilding some form of platform on which to attack either of the two larger parties, whoever takes the reins after this SURPRISE election.

The other parties will be hoping to pick up seats in their respective focuses, like Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland or Plaid Cymru in Wales, this may be a tactical move by Theresa May but alas, that was exactly the same thing that people said David Cameron had done with the EU Referendum and, before that, the Scottish Independence Referendum, though one didn’t go the way he wanted and the other may yet happen again, Indy Ref Take 2, though the former led to Mr Cameron stepping down as leader of both the country and his own party, leading to Theresa May becoming Prime Minister.

Barely a year into her time as Prime Minister, the Conservative leader has decided to go back on what she had said and call a General Election, if she does this about something as ‘surprising’ as this, then what else will there be U-turns on.

Considering some are stating that Mrs May called this election because it would strengthen her position when it comes to the Negotiations for Brexit, this may yet fall apart, fail to work out or even cost Mrs May more than she would believe, though let’s wait and see shall we.

No use counting your chickens before they’ve hatched, looked around at the chaos around us and gone back into their eggs, I mean, beyond Mrs May’s U-turn you have Donald Trump sabre rattling with North Korea, launching missiles at Syria, causing tension with Russia, as well as failing to grasp that when you make an agreement with someone, you stick to it, there are reports out today that Trump is prepared to bump the UK down the queue for trade deals, though this is unconfirmed and has not been said by the man himself, though the media in this nation of ours will use any source they can to report stories of frustration like this.

They may yet have a role to play in the coming election too, as we know, the media sector, whether it be rolling news channels or print or even online newspapers will report whatever is happening and make the headlines as eye catching as possible, so, it will be an interesting time, not for us, the citizens and electorate, we’re probably going to go snowblind with all of the elections we have had, four in two years…..!

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