Politics, The ZZZ Factor

This should make rather simple but fun reading for you, dear reader, I wished to take a moment during the campaigning and ‘promises’ that were made, along with some less than statesmanlike behaviour from our Prime Minister (see attached article and video), the only thing I can do to stop myself from exploding with increasing rage is to move my thoughts on to the reason that this article is being written, actually the reason why this blog actually exists….Politics.

Prime (Minister) Example

Now, in the broadest sense of the word, Politics affects all of us, beyond the promises, vows and manifestos, behind the Party Political Broadcasts and glad-handing moments, the sound-bytes or press junkets, it is quite simply a subject that should be remembered as, beyond party politics and divisions, something that, at the end of the day, has a direct influence on all of us.

THat is why I called this particular article the ZZZ Factor, because people, by and large are either bored, exhausted, weary, jaded or even uninterested in politics, this is not an overwhelming sensation but there is a large enough demographic out there to make this individual, this lowly writer and bystander, feel as though Politics in this generation is a apathetic subject, there is no great feeling of interest, curiosity or such like emotions, though the saddest aspect of this is that, with no great feeling of interest, the politics is being left to the elder generations, this means, as the older individuals in our society pass on, the interest in politics won’t simply die, it will be extinct.

Now, I am not saying that there aren’t people out there, myself counting as one of them, who find politics interesting, not at all, its just that people like me, who take an interest in this subject, are in the minority, seem to be one of a rare breed of people, though this is not really our fault, this is the problem that countless politicians have tried to solve, David Cameron being one of the more recent by taking to the internet and doing Web-Cam style segments, which just made him look like he was trying too hard.

One aspect that I seem to find when I ask people why they don’t like Politics, is simply that Politicians seem to be out of touch with the people they are trying to represent, our Prime Ministers seem to be Highly Educated and learned figures who come from Eton, Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, it seems very rare that you get someone like say, Alan Johnson, who was stacked shelves in Tesco, was a postman and simply had a working class background, not like the mainstream politicians in Westminster, who seemed, at that time, to be on some form of conveyor belt out of Eton, Cambridge or Oxford.

Another aspect is that people seem to feel that Politics doesn’t affect them, it does, simple answer, though right now this feeling is becoming increasingly divisive, as people here mention that Scotland voted to stay in the EU and is now being taken out of it, then, if you ask certain others, they will recall that the Better Together Campaign, during the Scottish Independence Referendum, stated that Scotland would have to leave the EU if it voted for Independence and would be kept in the EU if it didn’t, this brings me neatly to the main feeling or sentiment I get when people think about politics at this time.

Jadedness, basically people I speak to feel that the Politics is leaping from one election, referendum or vote to the other, a point proven rather distinctly by the fact that the General Election in June will be the fourth time in two years that the electorate will be asked to vote, only the month before, in a few days from now come to think of it, the electorate will be voting in the Local Elections, this must seem to only further the feeling of exhaustion, weariness or apathy, which doesn’t help in the end.

For in the end, it will be down to the next generations, the ones following the current majority, that will have the chance to vote, Politicians seem to focus their policies and talk on the middle-aged and above, very rarely do they look to the age groups below this, only when discussing work, tax, benefits and lifestyle do the politicians widen their aim, though, as a whole, the older generations are the focus.

This is the last reason for apathy and disinterest in Politics, because the politicians fail to understand, talk to (not at), speak for and listen to the younger generations or age groups, recently figures were released that suggested that Food Bank use has reached its highest rate ever, this horrified me, though the politicians promised the world to try and combat this issue, I have always been wary of promises made by politicians, I have a phrase that suits this, Promise the World, deliver the moon.

The question that seems to arise from this is simply, how to interest, attract or gain the participation of a wider audience, those of us who find politics interesting are in the minority, as I mentioned, though how to turn this around is something that I leave for others to find the answer to, I am simply stating that, although you see people gathered behind the likes of Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn or Tim Farron, there is one crumb of curiosity out of this, sometimes, (as exampled below), things don’t always go smoothly….

Theresa May Aberdeen Anguish

There are times when the polished PR machines that the main parties rely on can grind to an awkward and embarrassing halt, like Ms May found in North East Scotland, though as the article suggested, it was a visit to an SNP stronghold, which actually links to one of my previous topics where I mentioned that MPs very rarely go out and about in rival Constituencies, well, this is one of the issues that proves me wrong but also right, as the expression of awkwardness on Ms May’s face at the end of the video shows that she might reconsider doing something like that again, though I say go for it, do it again, maybe next time you’ll have success, you run this gauntlet every time a campaigning politician goes out on the streets, even when a politician is in a constituency held by their own party, there is no guarantee of a warm reception or even a reception at all.

In closing, although the video above is funny to some, embarrassing to others and rather awkward for the people involved, it is proof that sometimes things don’t go as planned, like in life, though the end of the video fails to show Theresa May passing off the leaflets, half-heartedly hugging the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and disappearing from the scene in a convoy of security, I’ll bet if she had done a Gordon Brown, leaving a microphone on or something, then the air would have been blue.

But that is my point, politics shouldn’t be this well-oiled, flowing machine of campaign, press conference, smiling people waving and shaking banners and placards, glad-handing, smiles, glad-handing, speeches, it should be more like real life and, as seen in the video, have more moments when things don’t go well or they meet, as Gordon Brown did, people that don’t agree with their politics, debate in this country is something that is being killed off by the divisive nature of politics now and I may just have a rant about that next time….

Until then…..dear readers.


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