Hunt the Blue Rosettes

Foxhunting is back in fashion again, or at least that is what Theresa May believes, her latest suggestion, to have a free vote on a subject that she is in favour of bringing back from the illegal wasteland of banned sports, a blood sport that has been, in several ways, infringed and hindered by the refusal of those who partake to realise that, beyond the fact that it is illegal, it is hunting an animal, usually just one small fox, with the use of a pack of bloodhounds, several horses, a band of half-drunk followers and a horn.

Imagine for a second that those who take part in a fox hunt were actually the fox, would they like being chased from hill to dale by a baying pack of canines and a gang of horseback hunters, no, I really doubt that they would, Fox hunting is illegal now, despite the fact that Mrs May is in favour of it, it is probably proof to her critics that she is out of touch, during a time when the use of food banks is at an all time high, when the unemployment rate rises and falls like the tide in the sea, when Brexit is used as an overriding and overwhelming notion rather than one part of the next five years that the Election will bring the winners into power for, Mrs May states that she has always been in favour of fox hunting, that’s like Nicola Sturgeon saying she’s always been in favour of Independence, it isn’t important right now, the significant thing, rather than allowing a free vote on the idea of legalising it, thereby revoking the Hunting Act, probably better for the focus to be on the issues that actually affect people now.

The majority of people probably have never wanted to, thought of, even considered doing Fox hunting, taking part in a hunt or such like, mainly because it isn’t something that happens to be the focus of the everyday, this is actually, without sounding too dramatic, SURVIVING!

That is the main thing that the majority of people focus on, so to have a Prime Minister talk about Fox Hunting, at a time when she can’t stop telling us about a Strong and Stable Leadership, seriously you watch her announcement for the General Election, the following statements after and count the amount of times that phrase is drummed into the masses, Strong and Stable Leadership, you can just see it in a V for Vendetta Poster, a slogan for a dystopian world like ‘Strength Through Unity and Unity Through Faith’, Strong and Stable Leadership for a Strong and Stable Country, ha….

Though here is the point where the issue is rather akin to the idea that politics is divisive, for if you were to listen to the Conservatives, they would say, as they have at the start of this Election Campaign, that the only alternative to them is a ‘Coalition of Chaos’, this is in reference to the Labour Party siding with either the Liberal Democrats and/or the Scottish Nationalist Party, maybe even including the Democratic Unionist Party, maybe a dash of Plaid Cymru, that’s my point, it sounds more like a recipe than a Coalition, though the Conservatives are wrong, that is not the only option.

  1. Revolution: Parliament becomes pointless
  2. Nuclear War: Parliament Becomes a mass of debris and lost ideas.
  3. Scottish Independence: Westminster is swapped for Holyrood
  4. Welsh Independence: Westminster is swapped for Cardiff
  5. Northern Irish Liberation: Stormount is the focus of Northern Ireland’s politics.
  6. Labour sweeps control without aide from other parties
  7. Lib Dems sweep control without aide from other parties

It isn’t the only alternative, maybe its the most likely but there are other options, politicians should stop suggesting that only Labour or the Conservatives have the power or strength to rule Westminster and govern the UK, there could have even been the idea of Her Majesty the Queen dissolving the Government, removing ‘a rogue Government’ from power, though this right was removed when the Fixed-term Parliaments Act was passed in 2011.

The main issue I have is that the UK Parliament seems to simply be a case of anything you can do we can do better/worse, If the Tories are in power, then Labour will bemoan their ideas, declare opposing thoughts, promise changes or differences if they are elected next and so on, the same is true for the Conservatives, when they are in the Opposition benches rather than the seats that hold the power, they denounce, deride and derail any ideas, declare new ones and then vow to change things when they rise to power, alas this is the way it is, has been and probably will be for a long time to come, the established parties seem quite fixed and set in their places in Westminster, though in France the established parties were left with their noses out of joint when Monsieur Emmanuel Macron was elected to become the next French President, proof that sometimes the established parties can be cast aside.

Here in the UK such an idea isn’t conceivable, Labour and the Conservatives have been switching sides of the House for decades and it just seems to be a game of musical chairs for them, though in the past few elections, the SNP have gained seats to become the third largest majority in Westminster, quite startling when you consider that the SNP are solely based and focused here in Scotland, the Liberal Democrats used to be the third wheel of Westminster but are going through a time of change and evolution, so perhaps their time will come again but to think that a party based in Scotland is the third largest in Westminster, its quite startling.

To end I would like to ask the politicians that are currently seeking re-election, those that are trying to win seats and those that are campaigning to please, for the sake of normality, talk about, campaign on and debate the issues that affect us all, not just those that affect the minorities, whether it be Scottish Independence or Fox Hunting, please, find something that can be recognised and is a concern to more than just a handful of people, thank you.

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