The Leaders Berate

Hello friends, welcome to the latest in a long line of entries about the snap General Election, though in a change from your usual broadcast, I will focus the majority of this note on the Scottish focus, for at the end of the day, this is a blog that is clearly made by a Scotsman so, at least once or twice, I should wax lyrical about the Scottish part of Politics, so, with the Scottish Leaders Debate having taken place last night, allow me to dissect this moment in the campaign.

Firstly, UKIP’s Scottish Representative, I don’t wish to join others by asking why he was there, popularity of the party allows him a place at the table or on the stage as the case is, so I will simply ask why he was so hellbent on questioning, disrupting and interrupting others, it was rather disturbing to watch but that is my only issue with his presence there.

Secondly, why do the Unionist parties continue to attack the SNP on the Independence factor, it may or may not be a prominent thought for them but it does not mean that it should be the sole focus of this campaign, plus, the questions asked were barely answered, politicians have the skill to dodge the queries but they should not try and evade them like a matador avoids a bull.

Thirdly, Ruth Davidson and Nicola Sturgeon both equally argued over each other, fighting with one another and causing chaos to reign, to the point where Sarah Smith’s attempts to calm the storm only added to the malstrom, it was not a fun time to watch the debate descend into frustrating nonsense, with each of the representatives desperate to be heard, even when they were not the focus of the point, talking over each other only helps to confuse and bemuse not inform and enlighten.

To be honest, even though I talk incessantly about politics and politicians, watching the debate last night, I felt saddened to even be remotely interested or fascinated by this subject, it is important but the point scoring, interruptions, disruption and noise, chaotic din, it just made me feel tired, I had to turn over for a moment at one point as the debate had descended into blabbering nonsense.

One last issue I have with the debate, audience participation is all well and good but being slightly cynical, i can’t help but feel there were maybe a few plants, biased individuals in the audience, some against the SNP, some for, it just seemed rather chaotic and bemusing.

To end, may I point out that the Scottish LEaders debate focused quite a bit of time on Brexit, Independence and other subjects, though when genuine points were raised, about education, healthcare and living wages, the notions became weapons and turned into a point scoring opportunity for Ruth Davidson and Nicola Sturgeon, though to be fair, Ms Sturgeon did admit that Education had fallen on difficult times under her watch, so she did admit responsibility, despite the Conservatives and the audience being unable to pick this up.

It continues friends, it continues.

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