Misdirection and Diversion

Recently friends, my attention has been drawn to a particular tactic that has been employed by certain individuals during this election campaign, a campaign that the Tories seem to be treating as a foregone conclusion, the whole thing is becoming less like a moment that will be looked back on by those who study politics in the future and more a badly done magic trick.

Consider the recent Scottish Conservative Party Political Broadcast, those in England consider that leaflets are being dropped through the door railing about getting the right person in No10 for Brexit negotiations, the focus in both cases is on the two overriding subjects or matters at THIS time, though there is little mention about other more pressing matters.

Here in Scotland, the Scottish Tories, who claim that they are the only party to silence or at least combat the SNP, have made a big song and dance about the fact that the SNP are aiming for another Scottish Independence Referendum, yet, as pointed out by Ms Sturgeon herself  in the Scottish Leaders Debate, the Tories mention Independence more than the Nationalists do, almost as if they are trying to distract the electorate.

THis is an unacceptable and shameful misdeed, if true, then this is proof that Politics has become less about the matters that should be focused on, like the NHS, living standards and even the education system, to a point that rather cyclically shoved down the electorate’s collective throat.

Consider the following:

  1. The NHS is going through its most testing and disturbing period ever seen (in my lifetime).
  2. People are struggling to make ends meet, living standards are falling behind inflation, the price of food is going up, as if to prove this, recent figures detail that the amount or percentage of people using Food Banks is at its highest level since the Recession.
  3. Education system is struggling.
  4. Security, at a time when it is pressingly important to have a strong system in place, we have less police officers on the streets and the armed services are still recovering from the cuts they felt earlier in this decade.
  5. Housing, a constant and haunting consideration, house prices continue to rise and fall, ebb and flow but the building of these structures, to house a growing population, seems to be either unimportant or insignificant.
  6. Employment, figures declare that the rate of unemployment is down but there is a bit of an issue here, figures may say this but there are easy ways to fudge the numbers.

Any one of these issues above would be enough to be a central focus for a General Election campaign, forget the fact that it is a Snap General Election, these issues are relevant and continue to be so because the major parties seem to be focused on slinging mud at each other.

Amazingly, the issue of disrespect is not reserved to the press bytes that politicians give to the insatiable media, recently accusing Nicola Sturgeon of being some sort of puppet master, this is not a new suggestion, as David Cameron used the same idea for Alex Salmond when Ed Miliband was Labour leader, impressive isn’t it, we should release an album when old or recycled ideas are banded around, we should call it ‘Now That’s What I Call Stale Insults’, cause if the Tory spin doctors can’t think of anything new and use stuff from the last election, then are we stuck in some sort of time warp?

Proof of the Time Warp

Booing is disrespectful but as I have mentioned previously, when Ms May mentioned Nicola Sturgeon during the press conference where the idea of her being a ‘puppet master’ was suggested, the crowd, the partisan crowd around Ms May booed the mere mention of Ms Sturgeon’s name.

This is an amazing thought but the House of Commons have rules on Conduct, given to every MP in a handy book, though it is like the book is chucked into a vault somewhere when it comes to Campaign time, for this is when the statesmanlike behaviour of our representatives are shown to be nothing but a mask, Ms May is twice guilty of having her audience boo a fellow politician, just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean that you should allow or even condone their name being heckled like a Pantomime villain, I mean come on, this isn’t freaking Primary School.

I would like to suggest, at this point, that if politicians, especially the Prime Minister themselves cannot behave in a respectful and courteous manner, even in a impartial or even-handed manner, then they should be asked to explain why they feel it is right to allow such actions to occur, those people that booed, in both cases, couldn’t vote or even campaign against Ms Sturgeon as her focus, her effect ends at the border, so why, why is it seen as acceptable that people who should have no thoughts on a Scottish politician are allowed to behave like an audience at a pantomime or an immature group of school kids?

If this continues, my main suggestion would be to have politicians retrained in the art of respect, if they have rules about their behaviour and conduct in the House of Commons, then they should likewise have enforceable rules while Campaigning.

It has to be said that Politics, from the art of debate and the idea of campaigning, to the notion of respect and decorum has changed, not for the better, from Labour being accused of using the tragic and horrifying events in Manchester for political capital to Theresa May allowing her partisan crowd to boo a fellow politician, it is saddening, rather depressing to see this.

Recently, Labour have been in the firing line, rather their leader has, from being accused as I mentioned, of using the events in Manchester for his own gain, to the initial silence but eventual declaring that he did not condone the acts of the IRA during the Troubles.

This seems to be the Jeremy Corbyn grilling show, that’s what it feels like, he seems to be in the news for errors in his past or statements he has made, though Ms May should not be allowed to enjoy some sort of ‘High Horse’ moral victory, for she is being accused of scaring voters with talk of Brexit being rather different, find the actual statement in the article below.

Theresa May’s ‘dressing down’ of Corbyn

Here’s the thing, it is only a week, give or take, until we head to the polls and vote in a government for the next five years, we should not be distracted by Brexit or the shadow of another Independence referendum, we should be considering the issues that actually matter to each and every one of us, from the NHS to the standard of living, we shouldn’t allow politicians to blind or mislead us with talk of the Negotiations or the future with regard to our relationship with the single market, for Joe and Jess Public, that isn’t the issue that they would need to hear about, they are more focused on surviving day to day, trying to live their lives as best they can without being haunted by debt or starvation, it isn’t that the issues of Brexit and a maybe maybe not Independence Referendum are significant but to most people, they are rather less pressing and more frustrating.

So, here’s a note to politicians for all parties, listen to your constituents, talk about what they want to hear, understand their issues, fight for their matters, this is what politicians are supposed to do, not sling mud and blabber on about points that no one will need to focus on when their living standards or their health are at risk.


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