Have you Crossed the box yet?

Hello friends, the chaos that is Polling Day has arrived, finally, today is the day when the electorate, with the stroke of a pencil, can have their say on the country’s leadership and the numbers that will make up the next Parliament, beyond who will hold power, I am talking about the MPs that will fill the seats within the chamber and hopefully fight for their constituents issues.

For there has been a focus on Brexit, Independence Referendums and weirdly Fox hunting during this campaign, the spotlight was then flung onto the idea of security twice during the period, though the one thing that wasn’t in any question during this campaign, one point which we do so well no matter who we are, is to unite in the face of terror, division and violence, Manchester’s recovery showed the enduring spirit that we should, no matter our political allegiances, lose, it is what makes us human.

Seeing the crowds at the One Love Manchester gig sing the fitting and inspiring Oasis ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ not only sent a shiver down my spine, it also, in this world of few cheers and negative fears, made me proud to be alive, to see the united spirit and energy of those that gathered for that astounding concert.

Now, as security was focused upon, the parties seemed to dance around the issue, some were accused of using the Manchester atrocity as a point scoring exercise, others were being accused of failing to keep strong enough numbers of police on the streets, this is the thing, we have the opportunity, now, before us here, to actually ensure our own security and to protect ourselves from those who wish to throw our world into despair.

As London and Manchester recover and stand strongly together, we must carry that enduring spirit further than tomorrow when the result of the election is known, unity is something that shouldn’t be achieved in the face of horror and devastation, we should see that beyond certain divisions and differences, we have the same blood, organs and existence, we may have different skin, religions or cultures but on this tiny rock, spinning through an endless sea of eternity, we should realise, appreciate and acknowledge that we are, all of us, human, we are distinct from each other simply through points of personality and personal choice, beyond this, we are all united.

Now, with my outspoken moment past, I will return the focus of this essay to the headline event of the day, THE GENERAL ELECTION, or as Adam Boulton said ‘General Erection’, this is the day when we, the people have the power to oust and back politicians, we have the undeniable and vital influence to show an MP, or MSP when the Scottish Election occurs, whether or not we think they’re doing right by us, so, we have to do this, not because it will help avoid situations that even Orwell would have had nightmares about but rather because it is a right of ours, that we should all be able to use.

Voting is not simply a boring or dull point that a certain percentage do, it is something that all of us have the ability and right to carry out, why do you think Talent shows are popular, because they are using the same democratic process, though not in the same style as politics does, for the first past the post system that the UK uses is often accused of not allowing a fairer spread of views in places like Holyrood or Westminster, as there is only one vote allowed per person, one cross in the box.

This then gives the idea that the majority parties love the first past the post system, though it is favorable to them, as the result of the FPTP system is often won by the larger party, giving them better position to win more seats, hence why people feel that Westminster is simply a game of pass the parcel between the Conservatives and Labour.

However, this is why it is vitally important for people to vote, for if you disagree with either party, even if you feel that none of the parties speak to you or interest, care or want to help you, then simply vote, don’t avoid this issue because you feel that your vote won’t count or be counted, even spoiling the ballot would be a vote in certain considerations, the as long as your mark is within the box that is set out to contain your choice then your vote will count, so in cases before, a tick, smiley face, the word YES and even a star could count as a vote as the argument could be made that this clearly shows the voter’s wish or choice.

So, don’t just think that your vote won’t count; register to vote, wait for the next election or referendum, go off to the Polling Station, receive the ballot paper, go to the booth, make your mark in the box and then fold once and place this paper within the secured box.

Simple really, then, if the vote you have made is counted, you will have made your choice known, who knows, you could help a prospective MP, MSP, AM get into Westminster, Holyrood or Cardiff, I hope that more people vote, for if you don’t, because the majority of votes come from the elder generations, when it comes our turn to be retired or elder members of society, we may have a worse time of it than previous generations, so vote, not only for yourself, to make your vote known but for your future….

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