In the Minority

Hello friends, welcome to the aftermath of the General Election, as far as I understand this chaos, the Tories won but lost, Labour gained but lost, in Scotland, the SNP lost but won, the Scottish Conservatives gained but lost and the madness meant that there was no clear winner, a hung parliament would have been the more likely option if it wasn’t for Mrs May’s desperate clawing to power, for in order to reach the magic number, which would mean she could get her parliament up and running, the Tories are allied with the Democratic Unionist Party from Northern Ireland.

This brings with it its own problems, not least of all that they have their own problems in Stormount, firstly, the British government, as it is called in general, along with the Northern Irish parliament, entered into the Good Friday Agreement, to settle the conflict in Northern Ireland and bring a lasting peace to the area, however, now, with the Tories entering into a ‘confidence and supply’ deal with the Democratic Unionists, the ripples could cause issue not only with the longstanding Agreement but also with Stormount itself, because the Northern Irish Parliament is supposed to be free of British involvement, but if the DUP continue with the agreed pact, then they would be unable to gain any sort of solid standing in the talks to reconvene the Parliament.

Not only this but the DUP was the only party, outside of the Nationalists and Liberal Democrats, that the Conservatives were willing to work with, doesn’t say much, along with this, the DUP’s numbers, added to the Tory minority, would just barely cross the threshold allowing Theresa May to run a government, though if there was to be a disagreement, which could be forseeable due to a few factors, the Tories would be left in limbo, even Mrs May would then have to concede that the government would struggle, at best, to get any legislation through the system.

One major issue that could cause trouble between the DUP and the Conservatives, in line with Mrs May’s single-minded devotion to get the Negotiations for the UK’s exit from the EU underway, would be the border between North and South Ireland, it would cause issues with the people if there were to be a hard border, seeing as the boundary meanders through the country, dancing through towns and villages, splitting some communities, though if there was to be a hard border, business would be another issue that would be affected.

The overriding concern of having a hard border between the two countries would be that the reminder of the days during the Troubles wouldn’t be too far behind, like a ghastly shadow looming over the proceedings, it would bode ill for people who do not wish to be reminded of those days, though it would hopefully not come to that.

This all depends on the agreement between the DUP and the Conservatives, the EU Negotiations and the hope that the former will not interfere with the Good Friday Agreement, though for now, despite the unstable nature of this deal, we shall simply have to wait and see, for there is no telling what might happen in the future, the pact could collapse, there could be irreversible differences and this may bring about another General Election, a sequel, though that’s in the future.

Let us wait and see.

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