Public Sector Pay Thaw

Promises friends, that is what this topic will be focused on, mainly the promise by the Conservatives, who apparently won the past election, to increase or at least end the pay freeze for the Public Sector, now, for those who don’t know, the following fall under this heading.

Police, Fire and Ambulance Service, the NHS on the whole, Royal Mail, Local Governments, Government Agencies and of course, the military.

So, how long has this pay freeze lasted, well the 1% pay freeze has existed since 2013, now, here is the issue in microcosm, the majority of the jobs in the Public Sector, they are community based work, like the police, fire and Ambulance Service, even the Royal Mail could be considered to be community work, though for talking sake let’s stick to the emergency and security services.

Imagine, you are charged with protecting, saving or defending life, whether you are a police officer, paramedic or firefighter, yet you have, for the past four years, been paid at an increasingly ridiculous rate, for the job that you do, is this fair?

Well, as far as this commentator can see, no, if we expect our way of life to be protected from injury, fire or harm then we should not treat those that do these thankless jobs like they don’t matter, which is how it appears they are being seen.

I am not aiming this issue at just the ruling party, Labour would and will get the same treatment if they ever get back into power, this is not simply a problem for the majority party in Westminster, it is a cross party, cross benches issue, that these individuals, who go into fight fires, fight crime or fight for a person’s life, should be given a wage that allows them to have a life outside of their job.

I foresee this being an issue that will either be resolved quickly or continually passed off from one government to the next, though there is one thing that could bring this issue to the fore.

Northern Ireland, for, as I had believed back when I had written about the deal between the DUP and the Conservatives, the administration of Stormont continues to be empty, the gates locked and the two power sharing parties locking horns with each other, neither willing to give ground and each fighting for what they believe is the right way to rule.

This issue threatens to keep Stormont’s gates locked tightly for the foreseeable, though, as an outsider, I can only comment on the issue that I feel has caused this problem to become as tough as it is, simply, the deal, the £1 billion deal with the Conservatives, to keep them in power basically, will see the argument roll on for a long time to come.

In other news, with the world seemingly going to hell in a handbasket, the issue of immigration has been thrust into the headlines once more, despite the fact that it has been continuing, unabated, since the last major headline about it, refugees are once again risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean, being the victim of either smugglers, who abandon the boat, the flimsy and un-seaworthy rafts that they use, at the littlest hint of authority.

Leaving these people, who have risked EVERYTHING, in the hopes of a better life, to the kindness or cruelty of the sea, deaths have been reported, lives lost, though now, with the numbers increasing and with the amount of people apparently at its highest since this crisis first began, Italy is crying out for assistance, it has determined that it no longer can cope with the sheer volume of people trying to reach its shores.

The only problem is, who can step in to help, the Royal Navy are regularly involved there, so do they increase their presence, do other countries fall in and help out, what is to happen is anyone’s guess but the only thing that should be at the heart of this problem is the humanity, these are civilians, people who have abandoned all they knew, all they had and everyone close to them, in order to either survive, exist or simply endure somewhere else.

The problem of finding a new home, that is for more learned people to debate, for these civilians, they simply want to get away from whatever harm, threat or hazard forced them to run, whether it be famine, war or disease, the voluntary rush to find new hope, it is at its highest point ever, with no signs of the numbers abating….

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