Brexit Breakdown

This madness dear friends, it is too much for this writer to bear any more, how, how can we not simply make this whole process, which we are repeatedly told ‘is happening’ easier, we seem to be going into this with our eyes closed, like we’re standing on the edge of the abyss, one foot hovering over the void below, eyes closed and the only thing we say before we fall is ‘Here goes’.

As you can probably tell, the lengthy break in writing that preceded this post is because I had had my fill of Brexit and its Negotiation shambles, I mean, both sides are niggling, there is no real action, no real progress happening, leaving the businesses, people and interested parties watching this debacle in limbo, it has been a few a struggle to get to even this point but the issues that will be affected by this situation, by and large, remain unanswered, for example, the Irish border, for when the EU and the UK become ‘divorced’ the country across the Irish Sea is threatened, once again, to be divided by this action.

‘Hard Brexit’ supporters want a hard border between the EU Ireland and the UK Ireland, basically between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, though critics have decried this idea as being a reminder of the times that the country went through, in recent history, where division led to bloodshed, the hard border therefore would simply be two steps away from the checkpoints that used to be positioned on the line between the two nations.

Though, like in Scotland, the border between one country and its neighbour is unclear, so placement of a Hard Border could stir up feelings of being fenced in, separated…this would only bring hostility and aggression, though the issue doesn’t stop there, for if there was no border, then movement would have to be regulated, as it will in Dover, Calais and every airport on either side of the English Channel, the free movement of people, one of the main pillars of the EU’s existence would be brought into question.

Beyond this, the question of power has arisen, for the EU oversaw different industries and sectors, from Agriculture to Fishing, these are major points for the devolved governments of the UK; Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, so issues are being raised about how and when the required powers would be given to the devolved administrations, a meeting is planned for today between UK and Scottish Ministers to try and answer the matters that have arisen from this, though this is yet another issue that threatens to cause a bumpy road ahead.

For, like with the ‘hard/soft border’ question in Ireland, the question of power being devolved to the administrations that would need these, has brought out arguments and criticism, mainly about the way that this issue has been handled, for a process that is supposed to take two years, it seems that the time-scale is becoming less accommodating and more asphyxiating, though this was pointed out that two years is quite a short amount of time, it is, its even less when the time is wasted throwing points to and from Brussels, the negotiating groups spend more time talking about discussions than they do at the negotiating table itself.

Time is running out, like watching an hourglass trickle its sand down the narrow gap, we are all watching the grains rush through and fall into a black void of uncertainty, for if the time runs out, when the country is no closer to a deal that suits both sides, then it’s like the Crystal Maze, when time runs out, the country will be locked out, trapped with whatever points it has.

For here is an issue beyond all of those that have arisen so far, beyond immigration and imports, beyond devolved powers and hard/soft borders, the point remains that making a deal with the EU rests on the negotiating group managing to appease the member states of the EU, there are 22 Member states of this alone, so the deal would have to be fitting enough for each state to agree to this, in the remaining time there is, this seems like an impossible task, so only time will tell, though the media will be waiting, the City of London will be poised, the businesses of this country, the devolved governments but above all else, those in the firing line of this deal will be watching, the people of this country, no matter if they voted to Remain or Exit the EU, it will affect all of us, which makes me feel, honestly, anxious….

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