Difficulty In Understanding

It is time my friends, time to discuss an issue that is close to my heart and, rather unlike the rest of the blogs I have been posting on this site, less politically motivated than the others, for this matter goes beyond simple persuasions, ideologies and beliefs, it is something that everyone will have experienced in some form through their lives, though most will probably accept it as part of life, there is a point when the point is less palatable.

I am talking dear friends of Division, not in the mathematical sense but rather in the consideration of human life, for we have simple ways of separating groups of people, gender, race, culture, but really there should only be one division visible, those that feel we need to be divided and kept apart against those that feel we should live the life we have been given, for however long, without feeling as though we should consistently be neatly pigeon-holed as one thing or another.

Now, the reason this particular issue is close to my heart, as well as being a point that is less palatable, is that I, like many others in this world, have a sibling that has learning difficulties and, although the majority treat my kin with the respect and consideration that people would expect, others, less thoughtful, don’t, they just see someone that is….in one divisive word…..’different‘.

Now, this is a very plain but ultimately blunt word, it is used as an insult when really it just describes obvious stuff, I mean, if you put a dandelion next to a daffodil you would say that they are dissimilar, however, that is not insulting because it is obvious that these two flowers were not the same, now, consider, growing up, as probably some of you already know to your experience, with someone that has learning or physical difficulty (I refuse to use the word disability as this attributes a lack of something when really there is no deficiency.) and you hear, from time to time, the word ‘different‘, I think you would be forgiven for developing a dislike for that word and the type of people that use it against your relative.

However, this will not help the long term issue, for if you develop a hatred for such a point, then this leaves the matter unresolved, these people, whoever they are, children or adult alike, will go on in life thinking that they can be this thoughtless and small-minded, they will not consider that what they are really doing is making them look like they have the difficulty, rather than the person they are targeting, though I am sure you will agree, dear friends, that the major point here is that if you simply single out someone for being different, then you are failing to understand that this is not important…in the grand scheme of things.

Consider, we are born, given a vague, even fleeting amount of time on this planet and have within that time to experience as much of life as we can, would you accept that being trapped in a bullish state of mind where you split people into groups or target someone for being different isn’t exactly the best way to spend your time on this planet, I would, hence why I am writing this, because I, like so many others, have had to grow up and watch negative and narrow minded individuals attack (physically or verbally), as well as target, isolate and set apart my relative not because of the colour of their skin, their religion or their culture but because of how they are….

Divisions come in many forms but here is a thought, there is one simple thing that defeats all of those points that are used to separate us, underneath the skin, beyond our individual divergences, consider, we have one heart, one life, one existence, so, with the idea of unity, there is one overriding and possibly overwhelming thought to consider, in lieu of the many different ways we can be separated, we can be united by the notion that we are here only once, we have this ONE chance to live a life, so to those that are fearful of being different or to those who have been targeted in the past for being different, live your life how you wish to, we all face a certain amount of opposition or criticism for being dissimilar, be yourself, whatever that means to you, be it and live your life as you want to, that’s what I have learned from my sibling because, no matter how negative the world seemed to be towards him, he never allowed it to affect him and in fact, I have learned to be more confident thanks to my relative’s determination, spirit and carefree attitude, so, follow the path you want to be on don’t let others tell you how to live your life or why you should live it a certain way, be as you want and do what you wish (within reason obviously, this isn’t condoning crime or anything like that), be yourself.

Simple as that really, be yourself.

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