Are We There Yet?

Hello friends, today, with little surprise, I will be discussing the issues that have arisen from the Brexit negotiations, you can probably guess why I named this article what I did, cause it seems that we are getting no further forward or back, like walking in treacle, no real progress is being made, now, both sides will probably blame their opposite numbers but I fear that the truth of the matter is as follows.

Cast your minds back to when the Brexit vote, the referendum was about to occur, what subjects were talked about; was Trade important, how about our future relationship with Europe, even the individual, independent nations within this continent, for each will want different things, perhaps travel was discussed, what would happen when you went on your holiday, no, maybe export or import issues, not so much trade, actual movement of freight and items over borders…?

No, what was discussed, what was the Primary and Overwhelming subject of discussion, IMMIGRATION, more specifically, the movement of people, for there is a belief that if we leave the EU, then the flow of migrants into our country will miraculously and instantly stop, others feel that we will lessen the effect that immigration is apparently having on our country.

There is of course the famous, or should I say, infamous statement, one about the NHS and the fact that if people voted to leave the EU, that the Health Service will receive £350 Million because this is the amount we send to the European Union, well, not a day after, barely hours after the vote had been decided, the idea was rubbished and even rejected, despite there being a massive, multi-wheeled platform presenting this, the bus that had displayed this idea suddenly disappeared.

Now, with the Negotiations apparently underway, a bill has arisen, one that outshines the promise above, for there is a tab to pay before the UK leaves this particular pub, the EU would like us to pay 100 billion euros, which is £80 billion, before the departure will be accepted, so, let us do some basic maths, £350 million – £80 billion, oh look debt, how do you do debt, we weren’t told about you….

Theresa May has also said that we will be a part of the Single Market until at least 2021, maybe 2023, this is incredible, for a simple vote that Nigel Farage decreed should be remembered as the UK’s version of ‘Independence Day’ this is turning into ‘Groundhog Day’, the sheer volume of details and issues that are needing to be dealt with and I haven’t even gotten to the two most pressing issues, Democratically speaking, for there is a point that if the EU and the UK cannot agree at the end of this two year deadline, then, there is a feeling that No Deal is better than a tainted deal…

I am more of the feeling that a Deal, if it is beneficial to all and not favouring either, then this is better than walking away with no set guidelines or promises over future issues with the European Union and the numerous member states within it, in short, if there is a Deal at the end then there is a chance that it may be advantageous for both, though this is a small chance, even hope, there is still a glimmer.

However, the Deal/No Deal situation is rather stymied by the fact that the UK government has already said there will not be a vote on this ‘Deal’, why not, we entered into a democratic process, the Brexit vote is not the be all and end all, there should be further chances for the electorate to express their right to vote, especially considering, at the end of the day, it will affect people from all walks of life, no matter who you are.

Moving along the democratic issue, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have devolved Parliaments, governments and administrations, yet there has been little chance for these countries to get their say on these issues, suffice to say, if there are any powers that should be devolved to the countries mentioned, then, there is simply no way of knowing if we are to receive these promptly or eventually, then we come to the cherry on this particular cake, not so much a democratic issue as a matter of contention, for the Irish border will be, when Brexit is completed or even confirmed, will be a crossing point between a member of the United Kingdom and a part of the European Union.

There are questions over whether or not a hard border should be placed there, I question the reason why, if there was to be a physical border between these two parts of the Emerald Isle, then this would allow flashbacks or bad memories of the ‘Troubles’, it may even stir up the issues that led to this time, though, there is a secondary point, the Irish border is not straight, it meanders, curving and snaking its way across the country, from Belleek in the West to Warrenpoint in the East, the border cuts through towns, runs near to others and seems to encircle one point close to Wattle Bridge.

The point I am trying to make is that if a hard border were the way to tell where Northern Ireland begins and Eire ends, then there would be difficulty in managing such a construction, towns would be sliced apart and, as mentioned, memories of the Troubles would be there for all to see.

Brexit is going to be a massive issue for the coming years, which is why I was surprised to find that at the recent Labour Party Conference in Brighton, no time was given over to this matter, there were claims that it was discussed in other parts of the conference but to host a gathering of the party that is, according to Jeremy Corbyn, “Ready for government” and not discuss this pressing, vital issue, seems a bit foolish, it is ongoing and will be for the next few years but to not discuss it, is to suggest that it does not matter, it clearly does, though I will wait and see what the Conservatives do with Brexit as a topic of discussion at their party conference before I go into any more detail about how I feel about ‘Mainstream’, major parties avoiding the topics, points and matters that count, are significant and, beyond all else, will probably help secure their right to govern this country.

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