Poli-tickle Show Intro

The world is in constant flux but it has to be in constant unity

Welcome Brothers and sisters, This is the Poli-tickle Show, we are here to entertain, though not just that, we are here to help our listeners understand the world of politics, for it is a complicated, mystifying and convoluted world.

The presenters; Craig, John and Stefan are here to try and clarify, intrigue and examine the world of government, politics and sound bites, for there is more to political bartering than simply Labour versus Tory, there has to be a simpler way to explain this world and, here at the Poli-tickle show, we will definitely try.

Welcome to the organised chaos of policy, opinion and election, here, this world is different to our own and yet, despite the lack of energy that is delivers, it is vitally important to the society we know. http://www.radioactivescotland.com

The world of politics may confuse some, though we will entertain all. if you wish to get into contact with us, get in touch via Twitter @LothianJoker or even on Facebook – http://www.Facebook.com/Poli-tickle Show, the next generation of Politics is coming, come to the world of topical discussion, come to us.


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