The Way This Site Works

You Read I Write; couldn’t put it any simpler than that really, though that will sound impolite and nasty so let me put it in a much kinder and more considerate way.

This site is basically a blog from a simple, working class bloke who enjoys nothing more than hanging out with friends and family, I am in no way a political campaigner or protester, I simply take this opportunity to delve into issues that are happening, topically relevant or occurring now, so, in the end, this is simply someone who likes to write who has developed and launched a site to put his unimportant but clearcut opinion across.

The beauty of opinion is that everyone has one, so if mine clashes with what you believe then I apologise if there were any points that caused offence and hope that you will understand when I say that I am simply putting across my viewpoint and therefore I do not wish to cause any insult, offense or harm, so, I think that is everything, enjoy reading.